Tonight's Offerings


Soup, Sandwich, and Snack Bowl Combo: $10

              Soup only $5                Sandwich only $5

Mini Chicken Tacos or Chicken Taquitos: $2.50

Served with salsa and sour cream

Chicken Melt Sandwich: $4.00

Mini Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza: $2.50

Soft Pretzel:  1 with 1 sauce - $2, 4 with 3 sauces $6, Extra Sauce Cup: $0.50   

Served with your choice of yellow mustard, spicy mustard, chocolate syrup, buttercream frosting, cinnamon spread, or cheese

Trail Mix:  $2.50 Small Bowl    $6 Flight of 3 Small Bowls

Asian                                             Cajun Spicy                          Indulgence

Mountain                                      Tropical                                 Tuscan

Assorted Snacks: $2 Small Bowl    $4 Large Bowl          Kids Menu: Raisins $0.50

Cheddar Flavored Crackers      Veggie Straws                                       Applesauce Pouch $0.50

Regular Party Mix                      Cheddar Party Mix                              Fruit Snacks $0.50            Pretzels                                                                                                        Cheddar Crackers $1.00  

Caramel Cheddar Popped Corn Mix

Regular Skinny Pop Popped Corn

White Cheddar Skinny Pop Popped Corn